How would you feel about your partner re-marrying after death?

May 15, 2021

How would you feel about your partner marrying again if, for example, you were to die first?

And how would you feel if your children (or other ‘beneficiaries’) were disinherited as a result?

While most of us would want our partners to move on with their lives – we want those we love to get what we want. Strangers definitely don’t feature in that.
The recent case of Iris Jones, an 80-year-old wanting to marry her toyboy, is just the latest in a long line of horror stories.

But there is a better way: protect your wishes with an Asset Protection Trust. Not just from parther “marriage after death” (MAD for short) but also from children losing inheritance to divorce, or double-taxation, or bankruptcy.

With typical estates being in the multiple hundreds of thousands, the potential savings of an Asset Protection Trust start at £100,000. So an Asset Protection Trust can be the best investment you make in your Children’s future.