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Working with Kinherit will help you support your clients better.  Not only do our intelligent Wills offer unrivalled protection, but our Will-planning platform makes AUM easier to track and hand over to the next generation.

We’re trusted by professionals across the UK

We’re already working with hundreds of IFAs on our mission to raise standards within the unregulated Will industry.


We’re compliant with FCA standards

All of our advisers are either STEP qualified or affiliated with STEP, actively working towards gaining STEP qualifications and are fully employed, so in line with FCA consumer duty guidelines. The Majority of Will-writers (including many solicitors) are not STEP qualified or affiliated with STEP, so they may not have the required expertise.

We don’t ‘bundle’ probate

Lots of Will-writers secure future fees by writing themselves into a Will as the executor. But this is a clear conflict of interest. Our unique approach ensures people who know you are fully empowered to do the best thing for those you leave behind.

Our tech helps your clients (and you)

Our Kinvault technology helps both you and your clients keep track of assets and see the bigger picture.  It logs what and where their assets are – and who will inherit them.  This is helpful in life, but also speeds up probate later on.

We help you help the family re AUM

Our bereavement team is there to support your clients’ families at the handover stage. This includes making the right introductions to allow you to explain the AUM and planning on the deceased’s estate.



Your clients get free, no-obligation advice*

Our initial consultations are all free.  So your clients don’t need to pay unless they decide to go ahead and create their documents.  They can take advantage of our specialist advice with no strings attached.

(* advice in the area of Wills&Trusts, and excluding regulated financial, legal or tax advice which is referred back as appropriate)

What your clients get

  • ZPeace of mind their Will is done as well as possible
  • ZAn actionable online plan for their family to follow
  • ZFaster probate for their loved ones
  • Z Support for executors and other officers after death
  • ZThe feeling they’re in control of all their affairs

What you get

  • ZConfidence you’re recommending a quality, FCA compliant service
  • ZThe knowledge your clients will be given a ground-breaking approach to Will advice
  • ZA dedicated Kinherit specialist to work with your clients
  • ZAn asset-tracking platform that can be branded for you
  • ZAn opportunity to help the next generation as a trusted family adviser

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