Understanding the true cost of death

Jun 10, 2021

The Will-writing industry is dominated by “Cheap Will” headlines, but this ignores the cost of death.

Our analysis indicates that the cost of a Will can be as little as 1% of the true cost of death. Let us look at how:

  1. If your affairs include £20k in a moneysavingexpert best-buy ISA, that is great …. IF your executor finds it. But if it is paperless and not written down for your Executor, your family lose that £20,000.
  2. We all know there are cheap Wills, but do you realise that most Will-writers write themselves in to do your probate? So rather than paying ~1-1.5% you could be paying 5% of your estate. For nothing other than your Will writer sitting in the middle of your family and the people who actually do your probate.  For a £300,000 estate this means your family lose £10,000.
  3. Last minute change so get a DIY or cheap-Will, perhaps with your Will-writer particularly keen to encourage a Charity gift? Well if this leads to your Will being contested, you can easily be adding £10,000 to the costs.

So … it is easy to see how the (avoidable) cost of death can easily run to tens of thousands of pounds.

What is less clear is how to avoid it – until now. From just £250, customers get a full-service: personal advice with qualified Estate Planners leading you through every step, an Advanced-Will, comprehensive practical planning via the Kinvault), and finally when it matters most our industry-leading Handover Services.

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