The ultimate tool for protecting your legacy

Introducing the Kinvault

At its heart, the Kinvault is a secure online platform enabling you to pass information to your Executors and loved ones, handed over by Kinherit when the time comes.

If you’ve ever been an Executor, you’ll know how hard it can be to step into someone’s shoes and make sure their wishes and estate are properly dealt with.

The Kinvault helps solve this by recording everything from asset information to funeral wishes, ensuring nothing is lost or left to chance.


What’s in a Kinvault?

Legal Documents

Store your Will, Lasting Power of Attorney, or any other critical legal documents for ready-access in life and to be handed to your Attorneys and/or Executor when their role becomes active.

Asset & Gift Register

Track your assets, investments, and any life time gifting. Ensuring your Executor has a clear understanding of your assets is the best way to allow quick and low-risk probate, and avoid lost assets and unnecessary costs. We don’t store credentials – your Executor doesn’t need them, they just need to know where everything is.

Key Contacts

We help you track changes in contact information to help your Executor comply with legal regulations (in particular AMLD5, effective since 2020). You can also tell your Executor who your friends are, how to contact them, and other things you think they should know.

Life Administration

Store information such as pet care instructions, details of contractors – imagine the challenge of stepping into someone else’s life without guidance. Help explain your situation to your family in case they ever need to step in to help you.

Advance Care Plan

Store care plan statements, last day wishes, DNA CPR and other such wishes. Maintaining a valid Lasting Powers of Attorney (Health & Welfare) is a key part of this

After Death Wishes

Funeral wishes statement, details of pre-paid funeral plans; who would you want at your funeral? You could include personal notes to loved ones to be passed on by your Executor, or record a message.

How can I get my own Kinvault?

We provide a Kinvault for free as part of our main Will writing service. If you already have a Will, you can use our Hosted Planning & Handover services. We also work with various industry partners in the Financial and Legal services sector who use our platform.

How Secure is it?

Please see our dedicated page on Security

How much can I store?

We have very generous limits, and operate a fair usage policy – the Kinvault isn’t designed to act as a full back-up solution, so storing your entire film collection isn’t what it’s for; should you hit one of our limits, we’ll let you know.

How much does it cost?

We provide the Kinvault for free to anyone taking out a Will with us without ongoing costs. For those using our Hosted Handover & Planning service, there is a low annual charge and small setup fee.

What if you cease to exist?

The Kinvault is designed for the long term, built from the ground up with longevity and security in mind. As such, we’ve made arrangements to be able to operate the Kinvault platform independently should the need arise.

Should I store my passwords in it?

No. In fact it goes against our terms of use. If you wish to store your passwords centrally, you could use a dedicated password manager such as Lastpass, 1Password, Keepass,* and instead  use our Physical Document Storage Service to store the master password to those services.

* Please note links to 3rd party websites do not necessarily constitute an endorsement and you’re encouraged to research the best provider for your purposes.

Should I store my banking credentials in it?

No. Doing so could actually put your Executor at risk from claims by beneficiaries of mis-conduct. As part of the probate process, your Executor will need to approach each financial institution with a valid death certificate to release the funds in a recorded and appropriate manner. If they already have the banking passwords, they could potentially be accused of moving funds – even if they do so innocently.