Your Kinvault

A unique platform to make end-of-life planning easier in a paperless world

Helping someone else step into your shoes

Keeping track of your own personal admin is a challenge, but imagine if you had to figure out someone else’s?  Your Kinvault is a secure online vault that helps people you trust to access your life easily, giving them information on everything from your Will and funeral arrangements to instructions for your pet.


Recording your assets so they don’t get lost

These days when details of bank accounts or shares can be hidden in the depths of a laptop or inbox, it’s really easy for assets to be overlooked or lost.  Instead of relying on a box left under the bed or in the bottom drawer of a dresser, the Kinvault is 21st century way to record all the things you want to pass on.

Speeding up the probate process

We’ll help you fill your Kinvault with all the recommended information that your family, executors and trusted advisers will need to sort out your estate and carry out your wishes.  Probate can then be achieved more easily, which helps your loved ones receive their inheritance as quickly as possible. 

Introducing the Kinvault

Our one minute video explains what it’s all about


What’s in a Kinvault?

Legal Documents

All your critical legal documents, from your Will and Lasting Power of Attorney to things like the deeds to your house or details of any trusts you’ve set up.

A list of your assets

An inventory of all your worldly goods, including properties, bank accounts, investments, life insurance policies, pension information and any company shares.

Gifts you’ve already made

A list of the amounts and dates of any gifts you’ve made which may be subject to the seven-year inheritance rule.

Key contacts

Names and contact details for your executors, beneficiaries, and key advisers (eg financial adviser or solicitor) as well as particular friends or family members.

Care documents

If you have a care plan in place, this is where you keep any documents you may have prepared, including last day wishes and resuscitation instructions.  

Life admin

Utility providers, car documents, where you keep your spare house key, instructions for your pet – record all the practical areas of your life that your family will need to sort out for you. 

Funeral Wishes

Help your family arrange your funeral, from details of any pre-paid funeral plans to hymns, songs, music, readings and a list of people you would like to attend.

Personal notes and messages

Add specific notes to be passed on to the special people in your life, or upload recorded messages for them.


How secure is the Kinvault?

Because we’re storing your most important data, security is our highest priority. We’ve put in place the most advanced levels of protection to ensure your data can only ever be accessed by those you trust.  Read more about what we do to keep your information safe

Is there a limit to how much I can store in my Kinvault?

Our limits should be ample for all the practical documents and information you need to store.  That said, the Kinvault isn’t designed to act as a full back-up solution, so storing your entire film collection isn’t what it’s for!  Should you hit one of our limits, we’ll let you know.

Can someone else access my Kinvault while I’m still alive?

We can allow access to your Financial Adviser to help keep your list of assets up to date, and can also provide access to trusted people on request.

Can different people have different access permissions?

We can allow different access rights to different people as needed. Contact support to find out more.

Is there a maximum number of people who can access my Kinvault?

There is no maximum, but access should be reserved for those you trust the most.

How much does it cost?

We provide the Kinvault for free if we write your Will for you, with no ongoing costs.  If you already have a Will, we can set up your Kinvault for an initial fee and there’s a small annual charge. See our fees

Can I keep passwords or bank credentials in my Kinvault?

Unfortunately, no.  Storing passwords goes against our terms of use.  This is because your executors will legally need to gain access to your various accounts following the proper protocol, which means contacting banks etc and providing evidence (a Lasting Power of Attorney or death confirmation) before they can take over.  If passwords are left in your Kinvault it could lead to your executors getting into trouble for not following the proper channels.


What if Kinherit ceases to exist?

Because you’re likely to have a Kinvault for many years, it’s understandable that your main concern is whether we’ll still be around when you actually need to use it.  In this extremely unlikely event, we’ve put in place the necessary planning to ensure all your data would be safely returned to you (or your executors) as digital files that you can then move elsewhere.  Any copies we had would be destroyed.


Ready to future-proof your Will and wishes?