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A great Will, with built-in asset protection and our
revolutionary handover planning to protect your family.

How does it work?

The first step is to send us a message, and we will get in touch to arrange a date to chat.

Our specialists will talk you through each step, and build some options which result in a summary document for you to look over and think about. It might be we need another call or two to make sure you’re comfortable with everything we propose.

There’s no obligation to proceed, but hoping you are, we ask for payment, and some finer details to help us craft your final documents.

Documents are then sent out for your signature.

We then ensure that everyone you’ve given a role for in your End-of-Life plan knows about it. That means we can talk to your Executors, Trustees and Guardians, and answer any questions they may have.

Finally, we help you populate your Kinvault®.

What makes us different


Our entire planning service is completely free with no obligations. You only pay when you want us to create your final documents.

Our pricing includes VAT: We don’t believe in hidden surprises.

Handover (designed for everyone)


One Person (inc VAT)


Couple (inc VAT)

Specialist-led advice & Will-writing

  • Ensures your Will does what you want it to
  • Helps probate, so your loved ones get more of your wealth, faster, and with less distress

Personalised digital vault & planning

  • Make sure all your assets go to your loved ones, not just the ones the Executor finds
  • Help people as they step into your shoes

We are with you all the way to handover

  • We educate the key people about their roles, so they are clear and supported
  • When appropriate, we hand over your plan
Save £000s on probate fees, contestation costs, and missed assets, etc

Optional 125-year Asset Protection Trust


One Person (inc VAT)


Couple (inc VAT)

Perfect add-on to a Kinherit Will

  • All the benefits of a Kinherit Will, ie: probate planning, contestation protection, asset tracking, digital vault, handover services, etc

Inter-generational asset protection

  • Ringfences your wealth for generations
  • Protects against loss from children divorcing, partner remarrying, repeat-IHT, etc

Trusts allows more complex wishes

  • Allows extended instructions (eg dowries, guardian support)
  • Promotes responsible planning and attitude
Protect all your wealth from loss to divorce, double-IHT, marriage-after-death risk, etc

Other products and services

Standalone hosted planning & platform

  • Complement an existing Will
  • Will-check, hosted planning & handover including Kinvault
  • £50 setup + £20 per annum (all inc VAT)

Lasting Powers of Attorney

  • Financial & health
  • £100* (inc vat) per LPA
    * Price when taking multiple products, excludes OPG fee

Deed of severance, conveyancing

  • “Defend the family home”

Bespoke planning

  • Agricultural or Business assets
  • Lifetime trusts

Problem Wills

  • Help with existing Wills and planning
Why we don’t do zero-advice wills – click here

Why do we do what we do?

We are on a mission to change what people expect from a Will-writer. Hear how this benefits our customers and partners.

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