Your Will

We’ve re-designed Will services with you (and your family) in mind

Making sure your wishes happen

Writing a Will is one thing, but could it actually be put into practice?  Would your family and trusted advisers have all they need to carry out your wishes?  Do they know where to start?  

Tackling probate with limited information is an impossible task, which means things can often be overlooked or even lost. We help you make sure your loved ones won’t just be left to figure it out.

A digital way to keep track of everything

We create your Will as part of a wider end-of-life plan, which includes your free personal Kinvault – a secure online planning platform that gathers all your important information together in one place.

From legal documents and utility providers to where you keep your spare house key, it allows whoever you choose to step into your shoes from wherever they are, at any time.

We’ll advise on exactly what you need

You might just need a straightforward Will.  Or you might need something more complex.

Our advisers have the highest level of training in our industry, which means we can help you make sense of all the financial and legal elements of end-of-life planning.

  • NAsset Protection Trusts
  • NLasting Power of Attorney
  • NProperty Trusts
  • NLifetime Trusts
  • NGift Trusts
  • NMirror Wills
  • NInheritance Tax
  • NBusiness Relief Planning
  • NDeed of Severance
  • NDeed of Variation
  • NProblem Wills

Already have a Will?

We can help you too.

We’ll check over your existing Will to make sure it covers all you need, and then set you up with a Kinvault as part of our hosted planning and handover service.

You’ll feel better knowing:


    Your important life admin is safely stored in one easy-to-reach place


    Your assets are listed properly and can’t get lost


    Your Will is bespoke to you (not off-the-shelf)

    Man on phone

    You’ve received the best advice from qualified specialists

    Man holding money

    You won’t face hidden costs now or further down the line

    Family on Beach

    You’re making things easier for your family

    Ready to future-proof your Will and wishes?