New Year update

Jan 6, 2022

As we enter 2022, Kinherit continues to grow and our offering continues to expand. All to give families better protection than is possible with a Will.

The idea of “better protection than is possible with a Will” is central to what we do. Because a standalone Will is woefully insufficient when we die or are incapacitated.

Kinherit provides qualified advice covering legal, financial and personal aspects, to ensure that your death can be managed as you would want. It’s not a legal box-tick you need – it’s a proper plan.

Unfortunately, the wider Will-writing industry is rotten, as it is mainly there to secure large probate fees on death. And often the worse the Will, the bigger the fees! Kinherit doesn’t do “probate” – so don’t have this conflict – our focus is protecting you.

Alarmingly, the risks and issues are far wider than future fees – it just isn’t an honest trade of ‘lower cost now for higher cost later’. As our lives have become more complex and increasingly managed online, the hazards have become plentiful and severe.

Assets can be missed (lost) on death, lost to divorce, or lost to care fees or taxes. But what about MAD – marriage after death risk? As this horrific tale highlights – even a mum in hospital with dementia can be target for a predatory marriage.

Kinherit is a world-leading business in 2022, providing qualified advice and an integrated to-death service in a way that is inexpensive and hugely cost-effective. Potentially, a Kinherit Will is the best investment you could make for your family.

Or if you have a Will already, have a look at our Hosted service which includes a free Will-review, a Kinvault and our industry-leading and to-death handover service.

It starts with dropping us an email or giving us a call.

Richard, Ben and Tom,
Co-founders of Kinherit