CPD Breakfasts & Lunches

Continuing Professional Development from Kinherit

Breakfast & lunches with Kinherit

Kinherit are hosting a series of Breakfast and Lunch sessions at their Head Office.

These sessions with four firms speaking are a fantastic opportunity to gain new knowledge, fulfil your CPD requirements,  all while discovering how Kinherit and our services can enhance your clients’ experience and strengthen your offerings.

The Kinherit office is under 5 minutes from the M4/M5 interchange (Jnc20 M4, Jnc 15/16 M5).

Each session is limited to 12 people. Please contact us in advance if you have any accessibility requirements.

Available dates

  • 26th March 2024 – Breakfast (FULLY BOOKED)
    8am – 10am – Arrival from 7:30am
  • 26th March 2024 – Lunch (FULLY BOOKED)
    12noon – 2pm – Arrival from 11:30am
  • 24th April 2024 – Breakfast
    8am – 10am – Arrival from 7:30am
  • 24th April 2024 – Lunch (FULLY BOOKED)
    12noon – 2pm – Arrival from 11:30am


  • Breakfast
    Bacon Rolls, Pastries, Muesli and Fruit
    Fresh Juice, Coffee, Tea and Water
  • Lunch
    Fresh catered buffet
    Soft drinks, Coffee, Tea and Water

Session Synopses


Estate Handover – Generational wealth transition, retaining AUM and continuity of advice for next generation.

What does good look like
Continuity of Advice
Retention and Aquisition of AUM
Kinvault (free for life for all clients)

Way Trustees

The Great Transfer of Wealth – Are You Prepared?

In the upcoming decades, a significant shift in family wealth is anticipated. Direct asset transfers can rapidly deplete this wealth, leading to the “gifting dilemma” many face: the fear of giving away too much, too early. Without expert intervention, the intended beneficiaries may not receive their due inheritance. WAY Trustees’ session will address these challenges, showcasing how strategic Trusts can shield assets, ensure effective tax planning, and alleviate gifting concerns. Join us to fortify your approach to intergenerational wealth management.

TIME Investments

Flexible Inheritance Tax planning utilising BR and AIM

During this session, TIME will use case studies to explore the many planning opportunities Business Relief (BR) investing can offer clients, focusing on both AIM and asset-backed portfolios. The TIME group has over £4.5 billion in assets under management, TIME is well known for its expertise in managing BR portfolios and is proud to be the five-time winner of ‘Best BR Investment Manager’ at the Growth Investor Awards.

My Care Consultant

Unpaid carers – the hidden vulnerability crisis within your client bank

The FCA has identified ‘caring responsibilities’ as one of the key event drivers of vulnerability. Given that unpaid carers are often the biggest invisible group of vulnerable clients most financial services and insurance firms have within their client banks, this session will seek to put a spotlight on this growing issue and suggest practical and innovative actions that can be taken to identify them, understand and help meet their needs.


CPD Breakfasts & Lunches
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