Will Writing

Your last Will & Testament

What is a Last Will & Testament?

Simply put, it is a legal document which says what you would like to happen on the event of your death. It includes details on what you would like to happen to your possessions, property & money (estate), who should settle your estate, and details of Guardians to look after your children if they’re under 18.

Why should Kinherit write my Will?

Our team of specialists are all either STEP affiliates, or at the minimum, STEP students. STEP (the Society of Trust and Estate Planners) is regarded as the industry standard qualification for Will Writers. We ascribe to the STEP Will Writers Code, and are members of Institute for Professional Will Writers. We believe in continued training and development for our team.

How does it work?

When you use Kinherit you get a simple and efficient process, with UK-based specialists walking you through every step. All your planning is without obligation, with our fixed fees only payable when you are happy. And your Executors and family will get the best handover when the time comes.

A safe place in an unregulated industry

Considering the money involved in inheritance, it is incredible how little regulation there is protecting consumers from overly simplistic planning, mis-selling or worse. Law students typically get just one module (16-hours of training) on Will-writing, and specialist lawyers focus on probate and helping when Will-writing has gone wrong. You can get wills cheaply online, but often the providers are simply trying to tie-in probate (with costs hidden deep in the terms & conditions) or get Charity referrals fees.

For us, the Will is just the start of your planning

Our approach is different. We are trying to bring the tools that high-end specialists use, in a way that is simple enough for everyday use. Our advanced Will and our asset protection contain extremely powerful ways to implement your wishes and ultimately keep more of your money in your family for longer. And we are true pioneers of planned ‘handover’ and giving the true inter-generational support your family can most benefit from. Combined with the Kinvault, we help reduce risk that your wishes are challenged, and that your Executor can do their job when the time comes. 


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