Handover Services

Making sure your wishes become reality.

The end is just the beginning

To protect our clients when it matters most, we have developed our Handover Services. This ensures the key people in your Will know their roles and can do their job. It also means you can give practical guidance – regarding your friends, your home, loved ones or pets or otherwise – can be passed to someone who knows.

How does it work?

As part of our Will writing process, we gather all the essential information your executor might need. This ensures assets aren’t lost and that everyone knows what their role might be in your plan. When the time comes, we release that information to your Executor.

Introducing the Kinvault®

A secure, digital safety deposit box which includes an address book, asset register and file vault. The Kinvault® is supplied for free when you take out a Will with us.

Use of the Kinvault® is optional, but highly recommended.

Address Book

Your Kinvault® contains all the contact details your Executor will need and allows you to keep them up to date.

Asset Register

Detailed records of your financial affairs so your assets don’t get lost – there’s just one place for your executor to look.

File Vault

A place to hold any files you wish to pass on, including funeral plans, policy documents or personal messages.

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