Kinvault potential recognised by Accenture

Mar 11, 2024

Endorsement from international experts and business leaders accelerates our plans to bring the Kinvault to a global market


Earlier this year our Kinvault handover platform was selected for Accenture’s highly competitive Fintech Innovation Lab programme, as one of just 15 businesses out of 300 applicants.  It’s been a huge boost as part of our plan to develop the Kinvault as a standalone product.

The Fintech Lab helps disruptive technology companies to grow their business with support from the world’s top financial service firms.  Only a select few are accepted onto the programme each year.  Major financial institutions have to be interested in the products, and prepared to dedicate resources and time to mentorship.

Our co-founder Richard Thomson has been working with these experts over the last few months to explore the best ways of bringing the Kinvault to a wider audience.  He’s been really energised by their encouragement and vision for its potential.

“We knew the Kinvault was a game-changer, but it’s great to have this acknowledgement from global experts and innovators,” says Richard. “It was always our intention to make a step change in the Will industry, and transform how wealth and information is transferred to the next generation.  That others recognise this potential, and are prepared to support us, simply confirms the enormous value the Kinvault can bring us all.”

So far the Fintech Lab has provided invaluable feedback and industry insights through its acceleration workshops, mentorship sessions and networking opportunities.  And it’s helping us move the Kinvault onto another level.

“As a standalone online app it could be accessed and used by millions of people across the world. Richard explains “Every year £7billion of global wealth is passed onto the next generation. Our Kinvault would guarantee this wealth is securely delivered into the right hands.”

We’ll post more on this as things develop, so watch this space…