Physical Will & Document Storage

Protect your critical physical documents against fire, theft and tampering

Why use Professional Storage?

We all want to take care of things that we treasure and value; whether this be money in the bank or jewellery in a safe or strongbox – it makes perfect sense to store your Will in a secure and safe location as well. An original signed Will is crucial to ensure your estate is handled properly on your death.

Won’t a Copy of my Will be Enough?

The probate registry will always insist on an original. If only a copy is available, additional evidence will be required and can lead to substantial complications. Remember, there is no central registry of Wills.

Why store my Will with Kinherit?

We use the highest standard professional fire-proof and protected storage. If we’ve helped with your planning and have done your Will, we will also have a conformed copy uploaded to your Kinvault. Should your Will be lost for any reason, the conformed copy, alongside our records can be made available if required to assist your Executor in applying for probate. When combined with our recorded calls, comprehensive data on changes within our system with regards to your wishes, and even a video record of the signing, this can make all the difference if a Will is lost.


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