Creating a Will when you are self-isolating

Apr 11, 2020

We are currently experiencing a coronavirus lockdown. Moreover, those who suspect they have the virus or are at deemed vulnerable are self- isolating.

This does not stop people from wanting to put their affairs in order. We know of many people who would like to create or update their existing Will but are unsure about how to go about it at this time.

Here we give a guide to writing a Will during lockdown and isolation.

How can I write a Will if I cannot leave my home?

The team at Kinherit is available to support you over the phone. Naturally we are following all advice set out by the government, and our team is remotely working.

However, our process is primarily telephone-based and online. For this reason, we are confident you will experience the same level of customer service as before.

Relevant documents will be sent in the post for you to check over in your own time. Please note there may be some small delays in sending printed documents.

Is a Will valid if it is drawn up remotely?

For a Will to be valid, it should be in writing and someone should be appointed to carry out the instructions of the Will (Executor). If you have children under 18 or dependants, you should define a Guardian for them too and avoid risking the decision defaulting to the Local Authority if you die.

It must be signed by the person making the Will (the Testator), who must be of sound mind, or signed on the testator’s behalf in his or her presence and by his /her direction.


The document must be signed in the presence of two witnesses, who in turn must sign the Will in the presence of the Testator.

The witness must be aged 18 or over, of sound mind and be capable of understanding the nature of what they are doing.

They cannot be blind, a beneficiary in the Will, married or a civil partner of the person making the Will.

If you have two neighbours who know you and meet the above criteria, they could act as witnesses. They could maintain social distancing and witness the signatures to legal documents over a doorstep, for example.

What if a change in circumstances means I need to change my Will? Is there an extra fee?

The team at Kinherit has experienced a number of people recently who are keen to take out a will and worry about having to pay a second time for changes due to upcoming weddings or babies being on the way.

To help out, Kinherit is offering a free re-write on any Will, Trust or Power of Attorney taken out between now and the end of July 2020. The free re-write can be redeemed at any point up until December 2021. It is hoped this will give the scope to reduce worries about cost when people need to be taking out the right planning today.

We offer a FREE, no obligation consultation. You only pay when you want us to create your final documents.