Making a complaint

We are committed to providing a professional and friendly service, and so we welcome comments and feedback, and we encourage you to raise any issues or problems directly with us.

We take all feedback seriously, and to ensure it goes to the right people we have a dedicated email which is

Alternatively, you are welcome to call 0117 302 1888 during office hours, or speak to your specialist.

What you can expect from us

We endeavour to speak to customers, understand any issues, review internally and provide feedback if appropriate within around a week.  If this is not possible we will endeavour to let you know and explain the delay, and in all cases we will seek to get back to you within four weeks.

If you are not happy with the outcome

If you are still feel unhappy with the outcome of our investigation, you may be able to ask one of the various regulatory or trade bodies to review your grievance. This could include:

For more information speak to  Citizens Advice (England & Wales), Advice Direct (Scotland), or Consumerline (Northern Ireland).

For more information on your consumer rights, see here.

How we are striving to raise standards in the Will-writing industry

It is no secret that Will-writing is NOT regulated. Specifically, Wills are not generally considered legal services covered by the The Law Society, and nor does it fall under financial services covered by the Financial Conduct Authority.

In part because there is no regulation, the standard of Will-writing across the UK is highly variable (and we would argue, of generally low quality). Kinherit is a firm believer that the industry should be regulated, and adopt high standards of customer care, and accordingly Kinherit seeks to define and deliver best-practice for Will-writing with customer’s interests at heart.

In particular, it is a widespread practice for Will-writers to try to write themselves in to the Will as Executor and/or Trustee on death. As this can result in tens of thousands of pounds in further fees to the Will-writer (in many cases with limited or no oversight) Kinherit believes this creates a real moral hazard / conflict of interest. Kinherit does not write itself in as Will-writer, and believes the practice should be voided by statute.

Finally, it is inevitable that some Wills will be contested, and even when this is ultimately not successful it can cost tens of thousands of pounds and lead to very extended delays to payouts. Kinherit believes technology can fundamentally reduce the risk of contestation, by providing extensive contemporary and 3rd party supporting evidence of a Testator’s state of mind and true intent at the time of Will-writing, and . This is why we record calls and other communications and store them to protect Testator wishes.