Why plan?

The main reason to plan will be different from person to person. But the process can be made enjoyable, and the benefits significant.

Some of the reasons people plan:

Everything in its place
Taking comfort in knowing their affairs are in order, and that there is a plan.

Against children losing inheritance due to divorce or bankruptcy.

Avoiding Complexity
Having been an executor on someone else's will, and knowing how complex probate can be.

What does asset protection try to solve?

Mitigate Inheritance Tax

Prevent unnecessary double taxation.

Protect Inheritance

Protect money if your children/grandchildren get divorced.

Later Life Care

Protect the family home against care home fees.

How we try to make the process of planning enjoyable

Keep it simple, keep it human!
We recognise this may sound complex, but our system is designed to keep everything as simple as possible.

Help you understand
We take care to explain each part of the process so you can make the right decisions. Our planners are on hand!

True peace of mind
Our process sets up all the correct documents, and provides a valuable service when it comes time to execute your will.

Don't become a horror story.

We don’t want to distress anyone. But there is a general assumption about how the law works, which is not always correct. Many people think they will do it one day, but one day doesn’t quite arrive.

Tragically there are many scams and abject failures by those who should know better, which cause extreme misery to family members and next-of-kin.

We give some insight into these below, if only to explain what you can generally avoid by proper planning.

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