Quick answers to some common questions. Something not covered? Feel free to get in touch.

Do you offer a Will drafting service?

Every customer receives a Will as part of a broader set of End-of-Life planning documents. If at the end of our process you simply wish to take the Will that is of course not a problem - it will be professionally written, checked by lawyers, and be fit for purpose in today's complex world.

Is this about offshore structures / tax-avoidance?

We don't offer offshore schemes, inheritance tax avoidance structures, or children's trust funds. We do provide ways to plan on an inter-generational basis, to avoid pitfalls such as double-taxation, and protect against inheritance being lost to things like a child's divorce, bankruptcy or re-marriage.

Who are your target customers?

Our products are aimed at people over the age of 18, with mental capacity to sign, and domiciled in the UK. It is common that our customers can be both the grandparents and parents in a 3+ generational family.

Can I still gift to certain charities?

Absolutely, you can distribute your assets as you would wish. But the assumption is that after gifts and costs leakage (inheritance taxes, probate fees and other costs incurred by your estate after death), that the "residue" goes to your family. It is our job to help you maximise the residue going to your family (ie by minimising costs leakage), and shortening the time between passing and that residue being available to your family.

I do not have a partner. Do you cover single people?

Absolutely. And it is slightly cheaper, as you would expect.

I am a small business owner. Can you help me?

Yes. Planning is even more critical if you have business assets or agricultural assets, to ensure they transfer in a manner that you would want. More structuring is involved which is why we have a slightly different team for this and slightly higher pricing (depending on complexity).

What is a Power of Attorney and do I need one?

Our specialists are best placed to talk this through with you. In essence, a Power of Attorney is used to prevent the local authority from being the default decision-maker, on your behalf, in the event you are unable to speak for yourself.

What are the costs?

Please see our pricing page for more information. Our entire planning process is free, and you only pay when you want us to create the final documents. We have a simple set of options which should suit most people, but everyone is different, and your circumstances may lead to additional complexity which can require additional add-on products.

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